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"The Organization and Maintenance of the Library was first effected by the Malta Women's Club. At a meeting of this club held Oct. 8th, 1915 the Club voted to establish and maintain a Library and Rest-Room in Malta. The financial part was a problem and I wish I could tell you of all the devices used in order to accomplish this. We had bakery sales, we had rummage sales book showers, we compiled and edited The Malta Woman's Blub Cook Book, copies of which are in every home. One year each member pledged one dollar toward the support of the Library. We had a Library Extension committee, who had charge of finances and probably the most of you have had some experience with one of the committee asking for money to help support the library. These committees worked most faithfully. We had no regular librarian, each member of the club taking her turn in acting as librarian until we secured our present efficient and faithful librarian, Miss Harrington, without whom our library never could have been successful. The library was in the Council Room. In the spring of 1920 through the efforts of the club the question of establishing a Township Library supported by a mill tax was brought before the people and voted upon and the election was carried. A library board of six was elected and they took charge of this fund. During the summer a proposition was made and a chance to purchase a building on Main St. The council rooms where we had our library was needed for other purposes. The board went to work and worked zealously and the community responded generously so this building was bought and paid for, the club giving $50.00. In Sept. 1920 we moved into our new quarters. We were happy and pleased with them and from time to time new books were added, and the library was well patronized. On March 3, 1922 a telegram was received from B.B. Smiley of Alahambra, Calif., a former townsman offering to donate the lots that this building now stands on and Dr. Bridge, another former resident would give $5000.00 to build a library. We had only 24 hours to accept or reject this offer. We accepted. Plans were made and work commenced, but owing to many hindrances the building only now completed. The building purchased in 1920 was sold by the Library Board and with the sum realized from that sale and Dr. Bridge's donation the Library Board are able to present to the people of Malta Township this neat little building, complete in every detail, free from debt. The board has worked hard and faithfully to do this, but our associations have been very harmonious, thus enjoyable too. Our only regret is that one of our members, Dr Barton was taken from us. We have missed his wise council and friendly help. Were he here tonight, he would give us a very able address on this subject so dear to his heart. Inside this building is a table to his memory given by the people of Malta, please come in and see it. The building is now open to inspection and we want you all to come in and see it. It is yours to use when you wish to have committee meetings, band practise or any other community purposes. The Rest Room is at your disposal. We thank you for your attendance and attention."

— ​From the Dedication of Library, 1923 (as originally written)Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

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