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Get a Library Card?


To receive a Malta Township Public Library Card you 

  • Must be a current resident of Malta Township.
  • Please visit our library in person to fill out a library card application.
  • You will need to bring at least two pieces of valid identification.
  • One of the identification pieces you will need is a current valid ID with your name and address. *If ID does not display current address, you will need to provide an additional piece of mail with current address.*
    • Drivers License, State ID, Real ID, Workers ID.
  • The second piece of identification must have the same name and address as your ID.

Some accepted forms of identification include:

    If you live outside of the township, do not pay taxes to another library, and Malta Township Library is the closest library to your residence within the District 428 School District you may purchase a non-resident library card for $214  per year.  This amount ia based on a general mathematical formula which divides the total tax revenue receievd by the library by the number of persons in the taxing area.  You will still need to provide the aforementioned identification in order to verify your residency.

    If a K-12 student resides outside of the library taxing area but within District 428 they may received a FREE library card,  good for one year,  by applying at the Dekalb Public Library.  

    In addition to having access to Malta Township Public Library borrowing privileges you are also entitled to use your library card to borrow materials from any library in the RAILS libary system.   

    There are few instances where reciprocal borrowing privileges may be denied. Please inquire with your public library if there is a question as to your eligibility to participate in reciprocal borrowing. 

    Cardmembers in good standing may also request items through interlibrary loan.  These requests can made through the Vega Discovery online patron access catalog located on the library's website.  If your card is blocked due to card expiration, lost/unreturned items, or fees in excess of $50 you may be denied access to interlibrary loan until the issue has been resolved.   Library staff are happy to assist you in regaining your borrowing priveleges.